fracturing fluid Made in China
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    Performance Overview
    This series of products are high-quality anti-wear hydraulic cycle lubricants, they are made from high qualityheterogeneous dewaxing paraffin-based mineral oil and additives with excellent performance. Special effect ofanti-sludge form patented technology, This series of products are named as cleaning experts due to its unusual cleaning effect and long life. The quality surpass the international L-HM quality standards and accord with thequality requirements of worldwide major manufacturers for hydraulic equipment.
    Main advantages:
    Excellent anti-emulsification: refined base oil and special effects additive formula make its characteristic of rapid separation of water. This item is suitable for lubrication in wet environment or that hydraulic system may be soaked.
    Good anti-foam properties, maintaining the best status of the hydraulic system with smooth and stablepressure.
    Excellent anti-wear properties: special effects extreme pressure anti-wear additive formula, can control the wear effectively in the stamping process, means to extend the service life of equipments.
    Excellent rust and corrosion resistance, to give full protection of the pipeline and the tank of the hydraulic andcirculating lubrication system, keep them away from rust or corrosion, compatible with most of the metal,rubber and plastics, no deform inducement.
    Excellent oxidation stability: high-quality base oil and special anti-oxidation formula, high oxidation stability,without grease dirt even operating under heavy load or high temperature conditions for long time. So as to prevent the filter blocked, keep clean, smooth system and good operation.
    Welcome to wholesale the high quality high cleanliness anti - wear hydraulic oil lubricant iso vg 22 32 46 68 made in China from us. Our company, Rolitone Technology, is one of the leading high cleanliness anti - wear hydraulic oil lubricant iso vg 22 32 46 68 suppliers in China who will offer you good after-sale service and timely delivery. With the aid of advanced technology and equipment, we won't let you down.fracturing fluid Made in China

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