Demise Of A Shalesman: U.S. Power Independence Is A Fairy Tale
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    Cheaper and cleaner than oil -- and seemingly plentiful in supply -- shale gasoline was supposed to be our "bridge" gas to a bright future of renewable power. But a transparent take a look at the costs involved reveals that shale is a teetering bridge resulting in an even larger-cost future. It is unsurprising due to this fact that policymakers from Dubai to the Dakotas maintain their sights on coal as a less expensive supply of energy technology.

    West Texas Intermediate
    This oil has low amounts of sulfur and density. The sulfur content is zero.24% and the gravity or density is 39.6 degrees. This oil will be termed as candy and light crude oil. This is considered as a very tremendous high quality of oil that may be refined to gasoline. This refining is completed mostly in Gulf areas and the United states, because of the handy location of the oil. One other interesting reality is that this oil also known as WTI, which is considered the bench mark for oil costs.

    We may look on the world and see an abundance of sunlight, water and wind -- in addition to speedy advancements in know-how to harness these natural parts into energy. However storing it and transporting are another matter. With solar, power and wind -- in distinction to the fossil fuels of oil, fuel and soiled coal -- the prices of production, storage and transport stay prohibitively expensive. It's partly for this reason that the I.E.A. (the vitality analysis company backed by wealthy countries and headquartered in Paris) warns that "annual progress in new renewable power is seen slowing and stabilizing after 2014, placing renewables prone to falling in need of absolutely the era ranges wanted to satisfy international local weather change objectives." If a unit of power is considerably more expensive to develop and to make use of -- in distinction to coal, oil or gas -- then a politician tasked with rising the financial system or making customers (learn: voters) completely happy, may nicely go for a low-value possibility.

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    Price VS. Cost
    It is helpful to take a step back and ask two relevant questions. First, how a lot does a unit of vitality value? And second, what is a unit of energy used for? As obsessed as we are with world vitality prices, we seldom give pause to ask accountable questions about how a lot completely different vitality sources cost to supply.

    An vital issue to be stored in mind amidst all this is what the IEA terms "electrification of energy" which is now on in full swing. The primary impact is prone to be felt within the passenger cars industry where electric automobiles are being promoted in a big approach. China has stated that it's going to push for various fuel vehicles to account for at the least a fifth of all automobiles sold by 2025. The UK would like all cars sold to turn electric by 2040 while India is working to a goal of 2030. Given the rising awareness of the unwell-effects of environmental pollution caused by fossil fuels, extra international locations are possible to jump on the electric automobile bandwagon.

    Step 3
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